What’s it all about?

Water Skiing and Wakeboarding are surface water sports where an individual is pulled behind a motor boat or cable tow.

They are both recreational activities and competitive sports, however the majority of people who take part do so for fun and to keep fit.

You can participate by Skiing on two skis, one ski, riding a Wakeboard or a kneeboard, barefoot, or on a disc or other means of keeping afloat! You don’t even need to own a speed boat to take part, as many facilities have club boats or cable tows, making participation in this sport much more affordable.

Get involved

To find your local club please follow these links:

British Water Ski and Wakeboard

British Disabled Water Ski Association

The BDWSA aim is to introduce and inspire newcomers to the sport, who due to their disabilities have not considered such a challenge possible. Specifically designed and adapted water skis mean they can overcome most difficulties and get most people on the water. Safety is important, deaf and blind participants are instructed in communication skills, and the blind are supplied where necessary with tactile maps where possible.

Courses and hourly slots can be booked by individuals, schools, day centres and resource centres, for groups with physical or learning disabilities. BDWSA also have an accommodation block with eight rooms and twenty four beds, a clubhouse with a licensed bar and BBQ area. For residential stays, prices range from a 3 day course, £95 per person, which includes board and skiing, with a minimum of 10 people attending.

Novice days are held on specific weekends throughout the summer months, and instructors and helpers are on hand to help you through your day.