What’s it all about?

Water polo is a seven-a-side game played between two teams of swimmers who try to score by throwing a ball into their opponents’ net.

The key to Water Polo is fast passing and dribbling as each team only has 35 seconds to score once they have possession of the ball.

Squads are made up of 13 players with only seven players in the pool at a time: one goalie, three backs and three forwards. One team wears blue caps and the other wears white, both goalies wear red caps.

Water Polo can be played indoors or outdoors, in a swimming pool or in open water. The size of the pool or space can vary, but there needs to be two goals floating at either end of the pool.

There are four periods of play that only last six minutes and then a two minute rest.

Get involved

Variants of the Game include:

Mini Polo

Mini Polo is a smaller and more basic version of Water Polo and introduces young players of any age and ability to the game. Mini Polo is very adaptable, you can use any size pool, any depth, and any number of players of different ages, with the game modified to suit the players.

Junior Water Polo

Junior Water Polo is for young people aged between 12 -16. It is a highly competitive sport which builds team spirit, and, due to the fast pace, increases fitness.

Senior Water Polo

Senior Water Polo is available for anyone over the age of 16 years who has an interest in swimming and wishes to keep fit in a social team.

Masters Water Polo

Masters Water Polo is for players aged 30 years and older. The rules of the game are the same with a few minor amendments – possession time is 35 seconds and teams in the age bands 50+ years and upwards play six minute rather than seven minute quarters.

Find a local club and give it a try:

Kent County Amateur Swimming Association

Amateur Swimming Association