What’s it all about?

Triathlon is an exciting multi-discipline sport made up of a swim, then a bike ride and then a run.

Triathlon offers an all-over body work out that will tone the legs through cycling and running, and the arms and upper body through swimming. Depending on your weight and how hard you work in training, swimming and cycling eat up around 600-700 calories an hour, and running even more, perhaps as many as 900.

A standard Triathlon is made up of a swim, followed by a cycle ride, followed by a run.  Competitors race against the clock which starts as they begin the swim and stops as they cross the finish line after the run. Race distances vary depending on age and preference. Maximum distances are set for children but adults can choose to race over a number of distances.

You can also take part in duathlons which consist of a run, cycle then another run or aquathlons which are a swim followed by a run.

The kit you need for swimming is a swimsuit and goggles, for riding, any bike in good working order and cycle helmet and for running, trainers, t-shirt/vest and shorts.

Get involved

For people of all ages and abilities wanting to take part, there are approximately 750 triathlon clubs in the United Kingdom with many of them offering taster sessions for people interested in taking up the sport.

Information on how you can join can be found on the website of the British Triathlon Federation, Triathlon England.