What’s it all about?

Synchronised swimming (synchro) is an exciting mixture of swimming, dance and gymnastics performed mostly by women.

Synchronised swimming routines are essentially athletic movements performed in water and choreographed to music.

Swimmers must synchronise their movements to the music, which is played out though an underwater speaker. Synchronised swimmers can perform solo routines, duets or in teams of 4 to 8 swimmers. In duet and team competitions, the swimmers also have to synchronise their moves with each other as well as the music.

Synchronised Swimming is open to both male and female athletes but it is a sport dominated by women, mainly because the Olympic and World Championship competitions are not open to men.

Get involved

Synchro gives you a whole body workout. It increases strength and improves flexibility and cardiovascular fitness.

If you fancy giving it a go then contact your local club through the following links to arrange a taster session:

Kent County Amateur Swimming Association 

Amateur Swimming Association