What’s it all about?

Swimming combines speed, strength and technique providing a full-body workout.

Because the density of the human body is very similar to that of water, the body is supported, meaning less stress is placed on joints and bones. As a result, swimming is frequently used as an exercise in rehabilitation after injuries and is suitable for all ages.

Swimming comprises of four strokes; front crawl, backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly. Swimming events usually take place in a swimming pool but there are open water events where swimmers can swim in lakes, rivers, canals, or the sea.

Get involved

Anyone can take part in swimming, whatever their ability or age, whether it’s recreationally at a leisure centre or competitively in club or individual competitions.

Learning to swim is an important life skill and a great way to keep active. Although you might think swimming lessons are for children, thousands of adults each year are taking the plunge and learn to swim at adult only swimming classes.

Within Kent there are a large number of clubs who provide competitive swimming training, coaching and opportunities to all ages and abilities.

To find your local pool or club visit the Kent County Amateur Swimming Association website.

Swim England

Swim England
Our main website, where you’ll find our values and purpose as the national governing body for swimming in England, as well as signposting to some of our national swimming events and campaigns that support grassroots water wellbeing.

School Swimming
A website dedicated to school swimming. Ideal for schools, teachers, swim schools and operators working with schools. It includes guidance on the national curriculum for swimming and water safety, information on our School Swimming and Water Safety Charter and how to sign up. There is also a section that includes information on national campaigns which support swimming and water safety in schools and how to get involved.

Learn to Swim Companion
An easy-to-follow guide on the Learn to Swim Programme and Awards scheme. Ideal for parents and learners looking for more information on our world-leading programme and where to find local pools that run it.

Teaching Swimming Hub
Designed for professionals delivering or supporting the delivery of the Learn to Swim Programme and/or school swimming lessons. The Teaching Swimming Hub includes helpful links to free marketing and teaching resources, information about upcoming training courses and CPD events, and details on how to become professionally affiliated with Swim England through schemes such as Swim School Membership.

Institute of Swimming
Here you’ll find information on all of our professional teaching and coaching qualifications and CPD courses. Ideal for swimming teachers or coaches wishing to upskill or those wanting to make the first steps towards becoming a swimming teacher/coach.

Swim England library
We have an online library with areas dedicated to school swimming and Learn to Swim. It’s full of helpful free downloads for teachers, schools, swim schools and operators promoting and/or teaching our programmes.