What’s it all about?

The game is played by two players (or four players for doubles) with standard rackets in a four-walled court with a small hollow rubber ball.

Squash is a very popular indoor racket sport played with strung rackets. The ability to play the ball off any of the four walls makes for a unique playing experience.

A choice of several grades of ball provides a range of game speeds, from a fast-moving game of skill and ultimate fitness to a slower paced game more suited to juniors, those new to the sport or players wanting a gentler workout.

Squash provides an excellent cardiovascular workout. In one hour of squash, a player may expend approximately 700 to 1000 calories which is significantly more than most other sports and over 70% more than general tennis. The sport also provides a good upper and lower body workout by utilising both the legs to run around the court and the arms/torso to swing the racquet.

Get involved

Squash can be played by all ages from about 8 years old upwards, with Mini-Squash for under 8s to develop racket and ball skills in preparation for the full game.

Pay and play opportunities are available at most Leisure Centres in Kent with racket and ball hire available. There are also squash clubs throughout Kent for those who want to extend their social playing circle or enter competitive leagues.

To find a Squash court and club near you visit the Kent Squash club webpage.

For more information about the sport visit England Squash.