What’s it all about?

Sailing and windsurfing are two great sports for getting you active and energetic, outside in the fresh air.


Once you’ve learnt the basics, you can actively explore your local stretch of water then join a sailing club full of like-minded people to go off cruising or racing. No matter what your age or experience, there is a course for you.

Sailing builds strength and endurance in the arms, shoulders and chest muscles and also aids the ability to think strategically and tactically due to the challenge of having to constantly react to changing conditions.


Windsurfing is a surface water sport that combines elements of surfing and sailing. You’re stretching, you’re pulling, you’re lifting things – you use your whole body so it’s a great workout, and also develops balance and coordination.

It consists of a board powered by wind on a sail. Windsurfing is predominately undertaken on a non-competitive basis. Organised competition does take place at all levels across the world and typical formats for competitive windsurfing include Formula Windsurfing, speed sailing, slalom, course racing, wave sailing, superX, and freestyle.

Get involved

Contact your local club where you can enjoy the social side of the sport by making friends and improving your skills on the water with other enthusiastic sailors.

Visit the Royal Yachting Association website where you can:

Find your nearest club


Find out what’s going on in the South East region