What’s it all about?

Rowing can be recreational or competitive, indoor or outdoor.

Most Rowing in the UK is done in fine boats and on indoor rowing machines, but that is not the only sort of rowing that takes place. Rowing in and around UK, including Kent, takes place on many different forms of boat;  from traditional boats made of wood, which are raced on both rivers and around the coast, to specifically designed sea and ocean boats in which rowers compete around the coasts of the UK and from continent to continent. Recreational rowing is also very popular in Europe and is becoming more common in this country.

Rowing is a sport for all ages and whether you want to go it alone, on land or water, or as part of a team, there is an aspect of the sport that appeals to most people. As a low impact form of exercise (there is very little stress and strain on your joints) it uses more muscles than any other sport and is a proven way to improve your health and fitness. Rowing is a great way to increase strength and stamina.  Rowing uses a large number of muscles so increases muscular endurance in your legs, back and arms. It will boost your coordination by using a series of movements from every limb, repeated in a controlled manner.

Get involved

Rowing in England is done in schools, gyms, on inland waterways and on the coast.  Clubs will provide you with the equipment and the instruction you need to start and most major towns and cities support at least one rowing club that will welcome beginners and provide numerous opportunities to enjoy rowing. Rowing clubs also have a reputation for being sociable and are a great opportunity to meet new people. Most will go away to regattas at weekends, some go on training camps abroad, and all will use any event as an excuse to have a party.

Clubs are also welcoming even if you don’t want to go out on the water but still want to be involved, whether that’s helping run their competitions, the website, the club itself or training sessions.

To find your local club please visit the British Rowing website