What’s it all about?

The sport of Rounders is a fun, exciting, striking and fielding team game, where points known as ’rounders’ are scored by a player hitting a ball and then completing a circuit of the track.

Rounders is for everyone. Adult teams can be made up of friends, work colleagues, players from other sports looking for a summer game and young people who want to continue playing rounders after leaving school. The initial appeal is that rounders is fun to play, and doesn’t involve buying a lot of very expensive equipment. It can be played by both genders, at any age, at varying levels of ability; as a competitive match or a recreational activity.  It can be played outdoors, on grass, artificial surfaces, on the beach or indoors in a sports hall.

Some of the fantastic benefits of playing Rounders is that it offers us the opportunity to get outside into the fresh air and sunshine. It can also improve your overall fitness and offers social benefits of being part of a team.

Rounders is a sport that can easily be adapted to make it accessible to all and Rounders England are proud to have trialled a wheelchair version of the game.

Get Involved

There are currently no clubs in Kent registered with Rounders England, however it is very popular within schools. Rounders England are really keen to develop Rounders in Kent, so if you are interested in starting a team or going along to a fun taster day then get in contact with Rounders England!

To find your local club please follow this link to the Rounders England website