What’s it all about?

Netball is played on a hard court with scoring rings at both ends, where players score by netting the netball.

There are seven players on each team. All have named positions on the court such as wing defence or centre. The players are restricted to specific areas according to their position.  Players cannot travel with the ball, making netball a game of fast passing, with the aim to outscore your opponent by shooting more balls through the goal ring.

Netball is currently played by over 55,000 registered participants in England in nearly 3,700 affiliated clubs and by approximately 1 million children in schools. It is a fast, skillful game that requires players to have speed, strategy, agility and endurance offering great aerobic exercise to help improve cardiovascular health. It relies heavily on teamwork, but individuals also play in highly specialised positions.

Get Involved

Netball is an exciting sport and a fun recreation activity offering the rewards of sociability, co-operation, fitness and fun to almost anyone who wants to take part. There is something for everyone – whether it is playing in the local league or your work team; at elite and International level; or at all levels in between.

Clubs – There are 221 registered netball clubs in Kent, covering a diverse range of ages and abilities, from ‘social netball’ to Premier League standard. These clubs take part in the 10 affiliated local leagues across the county.  For details of the competition pathway and local netball leagues and clubs visit the Kent Netball website.

Schools – Netball is played in most schools around the county, in both secondary and primary. In years 5 and 6 a modified version of netball is played called High 5, which is played by both boys and girls. The traditional 7-a side game is played in most secondary schools, many of which have after school clubs. For information on both High 5 and the traditional game visit the England Netball website.