What’s it all about?

Mountaineering can contain a combination of hill walking, scrambling and climbing. They are lifelong activities that can be enjoyed by people of all abilities at any level.

In the UK we are blessed with a huge variety of mountain environments from the rolling hills of the South Downs, to the vast mountain ranges in North Wales and secluded climbing crags across the country. There is a wonderful diversity of rock types and formations from boulders and outcrops to sea cliffs and stacks, each lending themselves to different styles of climbing and walking.

Choose the level of challenge to suit you. People go climbing and walking for different reasons – for enjoyment, to keep fit, to learn new skills and to experience the outdoors with friends and family.

Climbing can be done indoors at a climbing wall or outdoors on natural rock. There are a variety of different disciplines including; indoor top roping, bouldering and lead climbing; outdoor sport climbing; traditional climbing; bouldering; deep water soloing; and ice climbing.

Hill walking can progress into scrambling and mountaineering and all activities can take you away from your daily routine for just an hour, a day or weeks at a time.

Get Involved

Joining a club is a great way of getting involved in the outdoors, regardless of your skills and experience. Whether you are a beginner or already enjoy indoor climbing or country walking but want to take your experience further then the BMC’s Active Outdoors courses are for you.

Active Outdoors is the umbrella name for a wide variety of courses hill walking, rock climbing, scrambling and winter skills. To find out more about the BMC Active Outdoor courses please visit the British Mountaineering Council website.

Getting out on rock and into the hills and mountains is great fun but can be a daunting process. The British Mountaineering Council (BMC) website provides a wealth of information, advice and guidance to help you on your way; including articles and videos about hill walking, mountaineering, climbing indoors and outdoors, ski mountaineering, and ice climbing.

For a full list of clubs and walls within the London and South East along with top tips about how to get active why not download the London and South East Mountaineer mini guide (pdf).