What’s it all about?

Lacrosse is a team game where goals are scored by shooting a ball into a net, using a stick with a pocket on the end, called a crosse.

Men’s lacrosse is a contact sport where players wear protective clothing including helmets, gloves and arm padding. Women’s lacrosse only involves contact between sticks. Mixed lacrosse is played by both men and women or boys and girls. Pop-lacrosse, is completely non-contact, even between sticks. It is mainly played by six to 12-year olds.

Lacrosse is an intense and physical game that improves speed, hand-eye coordination and providing a substantial aerobic and strength-building workout. English Lacrosse offers a get ‘INTO Lacrosse’ programme which aimed at getting people playing in a fun, social and friendly environment. This is a great way to start playing lacrosse.

The game itself dates back many hundreds of years, originating in North America, when Indians, as a victory over their battles with the cowboys, would play for days on end, non–stop.

Today it is a very fast and skillful sport, with some 200 clubs in the UK. Whilst this may sound a lot, when compared to football or rugby, then it is very small percentage indeed. This July the UK held the World Series in Manchester where England came 5th out of 29 countries.

Lacrosse clubs will provide all the equipment, referees and coaches to members. For beginners, all you will need is a mouth guard.

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