What’s it all about?

Ice hockey is the fastest team game in the world.

Ice hockey is an exciting full-contact sport demanding pace, agility, poise, vision and finesse. Games are full of skilful stick handling, tactics, speed and grit. It is the ultimate in interval training and develops upper-body strength and balance.

The game has a strong British following and a number of leagues operate across the UK. Two linesmen and one or two referees – depending on the league – control the game. A game is divided into three 20-minute periods of actual playing time, divided by two intervals of usually around 15 minutes. When a whistle is blown the clock stops.

Play begins with a face-off when the referee drops the puck in the centre circle.  Six players from each team are on the ice at any one time, usually consisting of a goalie, two defencemen and three forwards. These players can be changed at any time as the game is played at such a speed and a team is usually made up of between 17 and 22 players.

The goalie will usually remain unchanged throughout, but it is quite common for him to leave the ice during the last seconds of a game. This means there is no goalie and six outskaters on the ice in a risk-all effort to score. This usually happens at the end of a game where teams are separated by a single goal and can be very exciting.

Get involved

The only ice hockey team in Kent is Invicta Dynamos and the senior team attracts a strong following of fans to games. The club also has a full youth development programme with teams from u10 level up as well as adult recreational teams for both men and women.  Taster sessions and learn to play courses are available at Planet Ice Gillingham, to find out more contact either:

Planet Ice Gillingham


Invicta Dynamos