What’s it all about?

A fast paced, team ball game played using sticks.

Hockey is mainly played in clubs by both men and women and traditionally involves two teams of 11, usually on an outdoor pitch, where the object is to get the ball into your opponents net using your stick. This will help to improve cardiovascular fitness and one’s coordination

The sport now has a number of variations to the tradition format including Rush Hockey which can be played teams of five or six players. If you love the rush of a team sport, but never find the time to commit, then Rush hockey is for you. To find out more on Rush Hockey and where to play visit the Rush Hockey website.

Do you want to get Back to Hockey? Perhaps you stopped playing and would love to start again. Or you’re looking for a fun, new activity. Whether it’s your first time or you’re returning to the game, Back to Hockey is a great way for women to exercise as part of a team with a focus on fun, fitness and friendship. For more information and to find activity in your area visit the England Hockey website.

Get involved

For more information about the sport please visit the England Hockey website.

There are currently 43 hockey clubs in Kent to find your local one visit the Kent Hockey website.