What’s it all about?

Boxing is a combat sport in which two participants of similar weight fight each other with their fists.

Boxing ranks among the Olympic Games most illustrious sports. It became an Olympic Sport in 1904 in St. Louis, but was banned by Sweden’s national law at the 1912 Games in Stockholm. Boxing returned to the Olympic Games to stay in 1920 at Antwerp.

There are 17 major weight classes in Boxing, ranging from Strawweight to Heavyweight.

Get Involved

The Amateur Boxing Association of England Ltd (ABAE) is the sport’s National Governing Body. In Kent there are 26 clubs registered with the Amateur Boxing Association of England (these belong to the Southern Counties Association).

Your local leisure centre may hold Boxing classes.

Kent School Sports Council also have an Amateur Boxing Association.

Find your local club using England Boxing’s club finder.

Avoen Perryman – Club Support Officer for Southern Counties Region

BOX is England Boxing’s new recognised fitness boxing workout.