What’s it all about?

Archery is a very sociable sport and provides the opportunity to join a club, shoot in a social setting and participate in friendly club and inter-club competitions (indoor in winter, outdoor in summer). Whatever your need, you will find that Archery provides a balance between fun and fitness no matter what your ability. If you have never tried archery before, there are lots of ways to give it a go in a friendly environment.

Archery provides opportunities for all in a number of ways. It provides four disciplines where the shooting format differs:

  • Target archery is the most popular form of archery, in which members shoot at stationary circular targets at varying distances and is practiced indoor and outdoor. Target Archery is a worldwide Olympic sport, there are regular World Championships and an annual World Cup series, culminating in head-to-head shoot-offs. But it also exists at a local level as both a competitive sport and recreational activity that is suitable for almost any age and level of physical ability.
  • Field archery involves shooting at targets of varying (sometimes unmarked) distance, often in woodland and rough terrain
  • Clout is a form where archers shoot at a flag (known as “the Clout”) from a relatively long distance and score points depending on how close each arrow lands
  • In flight archery the aim is to shoot the greatest distance and requires a large flat area such as an aerodrome

The Archery GB Development Team is responsible for providing support to developing clubs, supporting schools better to deliver archery and introducing new young people to the sport, and improving the capacity of the sport through the development and support of coaches and volunteers.

Archery GB has a club development programme, ontarget. Through this programme, ontarget will provide clubs with three main benefits – Recognition, Rewards, Development. All Archery GB affiliated clubs are eligible to join at any time.

Get Involved

There is a network of more than 40 clubs throughout most of the county. Shooting at any of these clubs or at any tournament is only open to members and non-members (on completion of a beginners course).

Most clubs organise these short courses for new-comers to the sport, after which help is given to purchase suitable equipment and to develop further. It is strongly advised that new-comers do not attempt to buy equipment before completing a beginner’s course.

Anyone interested in taking up Archery can contact their local club by using Archery GB’s club finder.

With over 1240 clubs in the UK, there will be one not too far away. Some clubs specialise in particular types of archery such as ‘Target’ or ‘Field’ and many have access to indoor facilities over the winter season for practising and shooting in competition at closer distances.

Centre of Excellence for Disability Archery in Kent

Archery is also offered as part of the curriculum in some schools and colleges and as an extra-curricular activity in many more. Additionally certain leisure centres offer occasional or regular sessions on a pay-per-visit basis.

Intro Archery is a fun and easy way for beginners to have a complete introduction to the sport, in just six lessons.

Arrows has been created for primary schools to introduce young children to archery in a fun and safe way.