What’s it all about?

This is the sport of catching fish, freshwater or saltwater, typically with rod, line, and hook.

Angling can be exciting and competition at the highest levels is fierce. It can also be very relaxing – often fishing sites are in tranquil settings, so it’s ideal if you’re looking to unwind and lower your blood pressure. It’s a perfect sport for people of all ages and is an excellent way to engage young people.

Coarse Angling is the most popular type of angling in England and most people live within a few miles of a river, canal, lake or pond where they can catch coarse fish. The main techniques are float fishing, ledgering and spinning, and different rods are used for each technique.

Float fishing involves a float made of cork, quill, wood or plastic which lets the angler know when a fish takes the bait.

Sea Angling is one of the largest participation sports in the UK. Sea angling takes place on beaches, harbours, piers, and from boats both close to the shore and offshore over wrecks.

Game Angling is a skilful sport which requires patience and practice. There are game fishing sites across the country both in the countryside and closer to cities.


Get Involved

There are around 20 angling clubs in the region, a number of whom will be able to provide advice on how to get involved in the sport and where you can go fishing.

Another good source of information is your local tackle shop, which will again have information of local coaches, clubs and stretches of river, canal or fishery where you can fish to your hearts content.

The National Federation of Anglers has also launched a new education programme which develops young people’s understanding of the environment through going fishing. This is being introduced to schools around the country and we hope will be appearing in local schools shortly.

One the best ways to try your hand at fishing is to take part in a coaching session organised by an NFA coach who is fully licensed and CRB checked. The coach will normally bring their own equipment so that you can just turn up and have a go. Sessions run through the year, with a large number being run in the summer months.

National Federation of Anglers Website