If you’re a club, facility or anyone else looking to deliver sport, there are plenty of resources online to help you understand and engage with children and young people more effectively. As part of our #MySportyStory campaign, we have gathered a library of these resources together and wanted to share them with you to help you come up with creative, innovative ways of engaging with children and young people.

Sport England

Sport England are tasked with increasing participation in sport and physical activity across England. One of their main areas of focus in recent years has been the 14-25 age group, and creating a “sporting habit for life” amongst young people throughout the country. As such, Sport England have conducted extensive research with young people and produced several insightful resources to help deliverers of sport and physical activity understand this demographic better.

Sports Coach UK

Sports Coach UK are the UK’s technical agency for coaching, specialising in coach education and development. They have an extensive resource bank of insight documents and research studies to help inform the coaching and wider sporting community.

Public Health England

Public Health England have extensive expertise on the benefits of physical activity to health and wellbeing, and have created an infographic highlighting these benefits to children and young people.

Child Protection in Sport Unit

A partnership between the NSPCC, Sport England, Sport Northern Ireland and Sport Wales, the CPSU exists to minimise the risk of child abuse during sporting activities. They have published a number of resources, and run extensive training on keeping children and young people safe whilst playing sport.

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