Samadhi Yoga in Dartford organises family yoga workshops, encouraging parents to bring their children along to classes to enjoy yoga in a fun, relaxed environment. Yoga coach Emma designed a session around the theme “under the sea”, featuring ocean related postures. Emma learned from previous sessions that partner poses proved the most successful for this type of audience, so she based her session around these. A total of 30 participants took part, including children aged between three and 12. In addition to parents, several grandparents also took part highlighting the multigenerational appeal of yoga!

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Emma says of the session: “Family yoga is not about perfect poses but about exploring the shapes your body can make and having fun. For children, relating the “shapes” to animals makes it more interesting.”

“Partner poses help children to learn trust, support and, in yoga terms, to help find their balance. Children love to copy their parents, so if they have something positive to copy, this can only have a positive impact on them!” After going through a series of postures and relaxation, and a short break for snacks, the session ended with some yoga games which allowed the children to jump about and use up their ceaseless supply of energy.

Top tips:

  • Create a theme for the session – animals and nature themes allow for a variety of poses and children find them lots of fun
  • Encourage parents to participate with their children – partner poses have proved very popular
  • Take time for relaxation as well as poses
  • Finish the session with some fun games to help the children blow off steam!

Further information:

Visit for further information on Emma’s yoga sessions for adults, children and young people.

The final word:

Family yoga is a fantastic way of helping children get active and bond with their parents. Yoga’s physical and mental benefits are well documented, and engaging ways to get children involved should be applauded!