Satellite Clubs are funded extensions of community sports clubs or physical activity sessions which specifically target the 14-19 age group.  These sessions should be established in new venues which are more convenient and accessible for young people e.g. youth clubs, secondary schools or colleges.

Satellite Clubs Core Principles:

  • New satellite club delivery must be focused on young people aged 14-19.
  • Satellite clubs should be targeted at helping these young people become active or build regular activity habits and should focus on underrepresented groups in sport. These include, but are not limited to, females, young people with disabilities and those from lower socio-economic groups.
  • Activity provided through satellite clubs should be aligned to achieving the Chief Medical Officer’s recommendation of delivering moderate to vigorous intensity physical activity (60 mins. a day).
  • Satellite clubs should be young people (customer) led, including involving young people in decisions and design, thus creating greater customer satisfaction
  • Satellite clubs should be linked to or developed into a regular sport and/or physical activity opportunity.
  • Satellite clubs should be underpinned by appropriate safeguarding standards.
  • Kent Sport recommend projects run for a minimum of 18 initial weeks, and in the longer term aim to become financially self-sufficient.