How to keep young people safe in sport

We are highlighting ways in which clubs, organisations and activity providers can help keep young people safe in sport.

Here are nine things you can do:

    1. Learn why it is crucial to get it right with this list of ten reasons.
    2. Attend a Safeguarding & Protecting Children workshop to learn about preventing and managing situations that might constitute poor practice or abuse.
    3. Involve young people in planning activities so they feel respected, valued and listened to, and to create an environment of open communication and trust.
    4. Make sure young participants know what to expect and what to do if they are worried, unsure or unhappy.
    5. Use anti-bullying resources and create an ethos where bullying behaviour is not condoned and is effectively dealt with.
    6. Follow good practice in taking and sharing photographs of children in sport, safe recruitment, and staffing and supervision ratios.
    7. View a webinar on keeping children safe online, safeguarding disabled children, eating disorders, or safeguarding LGBT young people.
    8. Encourage parents to play their part and raise awareness of the crucial role parents have in helping a child enjoy their sport and reach their full potential.
    9. Know where to go for help and advice if you are concerned about the welfare of a child.

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