Funding value:


Funding round:

October 2019


Bowling arms & pick up sticks

About the project…

What was the small grant used for?

The Kent Sport small grant was used to purchase equipment for bowlers with disabilities such as arthritis and joint pains; we bought bowling arms and pick up sticks.

What impact did the funding have on the participants?

The demographics of our club has a wide range – from 6 years to 96 years!!  Many of our long time members are in their advanced years and we want to keep them bowling for as long as possible.  We have therefore bought equipment for their use which will mitigate debilitating joint pains such as arthritis and back pain, etc.  The bowling arms and pick up sticks mean they don’t have to bend or twist to pick up the bowls or to deliver them.

How do you intend to continue the success of the project?

The equipment will be kept at the club and will always be available for use by anyone who needs it.  Hopefully this will mean that their participation will continue at whichever level they choose, from casual roll-ups to competition events.