Funding value:


Funding round:

March 2019


Basketball equipment

How did you identify a need for the project?

The purpose of the project is to increase interest and involvement in basketball by offering a community basketball programme at the multi use games area (MUGA) at the recreation ground in Dunton Green.  Young people also see the additional benefit of improvements in their health and wellbeing, by increasing their physical activity. The project also aims to ensure that young people are given the skills to make the best use of the MUGA facilities available to them.

What impact did the funding have on the community?

It has been lovely to see young people learning a new skill whilst inadvertently doing exercise, keeping fit and enjoying the outdoors over the spring and summer months.

How do you intend to continue the success of the project?

The funding grant enabled coaching for a 14 week basketball camp.  We are in discussion with the coach and are hopeful that we will be able to deliver a second camp next year.

Did you encounter any challenges when attempting to set up the project?

We have learnt that it takes time to embed a new activity into the community.