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Online boxing sessions

About the project…

What impact has the funding had on your club and the people involved in the project?

Our Boxing 4 Parkinson’s programme has flourished once again through this funding which has allowed us to deliver the programme through Zoom.  Now the members are keeping physically active which has improved their overall mood and behaviours. It has also encouraged some of the members that are able to, to get back outside for daily exercise.  We have recorded each session and uploaded them to our private facebook group so members unable to make the live session can use the sessions at their convenience and we have reports from members using the recordings numerous times per wer.

Did you encounter any challenges when attempting to set up the project?

Challenges were engagement before the funding as some were doing the pre recorded sessions, but some were becoming depressed without the interaction. This funding has allowed us to bring the sessions back to being live which has overcome all the challenges. We look forward to bringing the sessions back to face to face.