Funding value:


Funding round:

March 2019


A set of small competition bowls

About the project…

What was the small grant used for?

The small grant was used to purchase a newly designed set of small bowls which was brought out to assist those who have small hands,  summer arthritis or similar conditions.

What impact did the funding have on the participants?

This funding particularly helped the club to support the Maidstone Parkinson’s Society.   The society benefits from attending the club during the summer months and with the help of our club qualified coaches spend a pleasant couple of hours getting some low impact exercise and enjoying a game of bowls.  The society have told us of the numerous benefits this brings to their members and now with the help of the smaller bowls it makes it easier for those with smaller hands to participate too.

How do you intend to continue the success of the project?

We have now completed our second season with the Maidstone Parkinson’s Society, and we intend to continue for the foreseeable future.  They have a bowls session once per week for around five months during the summer and we see numbers grow year on year.