Funding value:


Funding round:

March 2019


A starting gazebo for competitions

About the project…

What was the small grant used for?

The grant was used to part fund a new starting gazebo for LSERSA.

What impact did the funding have on the participants?

The new starting gazebo is fantastic, not only does it look very professional at races, it is also extremely useful for health and safety by only allowing racers and officials into the starting area of a race, along with providing shelter (from rain or sun) for officials and racers in the starting gate and timing equipment. LSERSA now appear a more professional regional body who hold professional races which other UK racers wish to compete at.

Did you encounter any challenges when attempting to set up the project?

LSERSA have to fund all equipment themselves and is dependent upon voluntary committee fundraising, and being involved in organising and running races.