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Online coaching sessions

About the project…

What impact has the funding had on your club and the people involved in the project?

Thanks to the funding we have delivered 3 online sessions so far for both primary and secondary children.  We have had over 40 children participate, averaging 11 at each session.  All these children are engaging with weekly psychical activity and enjoying socialising virtually.  This funding has removed the cost barrier for a lot parents which has widened our target audience.  The funding also also allowed the children to interact with each other which may ease the anxiety about returning to school

Did you encounter any challenges when attempting to set up the project?

Maintaining sound quality was a challenge – we overcome this buy investing in a wireless microphone that connected with the laptop.
Ensuring correct safeguarding practise was a challenge – we followed guidance and support to ensure we got this right.  Time limit on zoom – we would like to invest in a zoom pro account to remove time limits.  The use of equipment – to ensure all children were able to taker part regardless of their family’s income we only used a ball of socks and other common household objects.