Sport involved in at a national level:


Affiliated club:

Medway Triathlon Club

Funding value:


Funding round:

March 2019


Travel and training expenses

Sporting highlights

What are some of your best achievements to date?

Qualification for the ITU Multisport World Championships and the achievement of 7th place at the World Championships. In addition I have placed 3rd in my age group at the Royal Windsor Standard Triathlon this season.

What is your most memorable sporting achievement to date?

Competing for the first time in my GB kit at the ITU World Championships! I felt so proud to be part of such a fantastic team, knowing we had all worked incredibly hard to reach the start line. I was extremely nervous to step up to this next level of competition, but the team spirit motivated me to perform at my best. During this race, despite a less than perfect swim, I was able to get the second fastest run time to achieve 7th in my age group.

What do you do to help you prepare for a competition?

I get extremely nervous before a competition, and can often switch to thinking about a negative outcome. My swimming coach at Medway Triathlon Club however, has been fantastic in teaching me how to cope under pressure. He has taught me breathing exercises and positive self talk to repeat before the event to help me focus. I also find surrounding myself with my family helps me to calm my nerves and focus on enjoying the race.

What are some of the challenges you have experienced within your chosen sport?

The main challenge is getting enough open water training before an event. In addition there is a considerable cost involved in triathlon to enter qualification races which you need to complete to earn your place in the GB Team. This puts a restriction on the amount of competitions I can enter each year, which adds to the pressure of performing well in the few that I am able to fund. Schemes such as the Kent Sport Small Grant Scheme make expensive sports such as triathlon more accessible.