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About the project…

What impact has the funding had on your club and the people involved in the project?

The grant was used to fund new equipment to be used by all members during training, including soft balls, hoops, space markers, Indiaka throwing shuttles, team bands and throw down spots. This has meant that every participant can have their own equipment to train with, rather than sharing to reduce the transmission risk of the virus and helps to keep everyone safe.

We have seen 90% of our members return and without the grant and the new measures we’ve been able to introduce as a result, I’m pretty sure that we would not have seen the same numbers returning after the coronavirus crisis. The funding has, quite literally, enabled us to make the club successful in its return.

The children love trying out new equipment and the coaches have relished coming up with new challenges using the new equipment.  We have been able to secure a coach working on every court within the club and this means that our coaching ratios are well within government guidelines, ensuring members have focused guidance from their own coach for the whole session.

Gilly Verry, Dartford Bridge Badminton Club