Funding value:


Funding round:

October 2019


Rugby post protectors

About the project…

What was the small grant used for?

The funding given was for new rugby post protectors for our rugby pitch.

What impact did the funding have on the participants?

Having the rugby post protectors has had a huge impact on the school, enabling pupils to play games more often due to new and updated equipment.  This improves safety and also makes a better impact for the school and it’s students in that they now have such nice new equipment to use.

How do you intend to continue the success of the project?

We intend to maintain the equipment and continue to promote the sport within the school.  We will be entering the Natwest Schools Cup next year and we are hoping to get a broader scope of teams coming to the school to use the new equipment.  This has also enabled more pupils to want to come and play at our school on a regular basis.