With Kent Sport’s free online Activity TrackerYou can also run your own staff workplace challenges. Running your own challenge means you get to set your own timescales and parameters, whether it’s distance, points, steps or C02 saved. Find out how many miles your staff can walk in four weeks, how many steps they can accumulate in seven days, how much C02 they can save through active travel or even how many activity points your organisation can earn. 

“We ran our own Stay Active Staff Challenge throughout July 2020 as we wanted a way of bringing staff members together during a time when everyone was working from home (due to the COVID-19 pandemic). The challenge was easy to set up with the help of Lucy at Kent Sport and it was great to be able to personalise our group and challenge pages. We had good engagement from staff members and it was great that our company ran a prize draw for anyone who logged over 2,000 activity points. We would definitely like to run a challenge like this again in the future.” – Rebecca 

Have you ever wondered…

  • How many miles your staff can walk in four weeks?
  • How many steps they can accumulate in seven days?
  • How much C02 your staff can save through active travel?
  • How many activity points your organisation can earn?

With Kent Sport’s free online Activity Tracker, you can now run your own Staff Workplace Challenges and find out. Running your own challenge means you get to set your own timescales and parameters, whether it’s distance, points, steps or C02 saved.

Set up your Staff Workplace Group and Challenge

Step 1: Create your Workplace Group (this is a closed group for your staff only)

To create your own group on the Activity Tracker, please provide Kent Sport with the name of your Workplace Group (this is usually the name of your organisation); a short description about the group (optional); and a logo/image for your group.

Step 2: Sign up to the free Activity Tracker

Staff will need to be encouraged to sign up to the free activity tracker and create their own account profiles. All staff will need to do this if they want to join your Workplace Group and take part in your Workplace Challenge.

Once staff have created an account, they can ‘join’ your group via a special URL which you will receive from Kent Sport once the group page has been created (as outlined in Step 1).

Step 3: Create a Staff Workplace Challenge for your Group

To create a Staff Workplace Challenge, please provide Kent Sport with the name of your challenge. This can be as simple as ‘4 Week Workplace Challenge’. Please provide Kent Sport with any images/logos you’d like to include and a description of your challenge. Below is just an example of what this might say:

The 4 Week ‘Active At Work’ Challenge is open to all staff at {Group Name}.

From {start date} to {end date}, the challenge is to keep active. This can be anything from regular ten minute breaks at work, a lunchtime walk to the shops, a pre/post-work jog, a game of football with your mates, cycling to/from work, a walk in the park with your family or a swim in your local pool. Whatever you do to keep active, don’t forget to log your daily activity (manually or by connecting your own Fitbit or Strava account to your Activity Tracker profile) and earn as many points as you can throughout the challenge.

All participants will be entered into a prize draw for taking part in the challenge. Good Luck!

Please note: If you offer a prize draw to encourage staff to participate in your challenge, prizes will need to be sourced by you.

Step 4: Encourage staff to take up your challenge

Once staff have signed up to the Activity Tracker and joined your group, they will automatically be included in your Staff Workplace Challenge and any activity that they log via the Activity Tracker will appear on your own challenge leaderboard.

Please note: Staff who use the fitness apps Fitbit, Strava or Google Fit can link their Activity Tracker account to one of these wearable apps. In doing so, any activities that are recorded via the app will automatically appear on their Activity Tracker timeline and on the challenge leaderboard. For those staff who don’t use these apps, they just need to manually input their activity on the activity tracker website.

Find out more

If you have any questions about setting up your own Staff Workplace Group and Challenge, please contact Lucy Tomlinson at Kent Sport.

Lucy Tomlinson

Workplace Health Activator