On this page you will find recordings of the partner webinars we have hosted. Here you can view the recordings and download any documents associated with the webinars. If you have trouble accessing any of the recordings or associated files, or require alternative formats, then please contact us at kentsport@kent.gov.uk.

April 2022 – Sharing the Learning to Tackle Inequalities Together

September 2021 – Creating Positive Experiences for Children and Young People

July 2021 – Supporting local communities to increase physical activity

If you would like access to the meeting slides from this webinar, please contact kentsport@kent.gov.uk.

July 2020 – Sport England Strategy

Download the webinar slides

July 2020 – Tackling inequalities

Download the webinar slides

May 2020 – Covid-19 update

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Louisa Arnold

Workforce and Coaching Manager

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