What safeguarding training do I need?

Take a look at the table below to find out what safeguarding training is appropriate for your role, and how you can access it.

UK Coaching Safeguarding and Protecting Children Online Classrooms

Role in relation to children Minimum criteria Training available Training providers
Regular responsibility 3 hour face-to-face training initially, followed by 2-3 yearly refresher Safeguarding & Protecting Children, Child Protection Basic Awareness or sport specific. Online refresher from NSPCC/KSCB
Incidental or no contact, or no responsibility Introductory training is sufficient, can be done online Available from NSPCC and KSCB
Designated role (for example welfare officer) Specialist training Time to Listen (CPSU), or Child Protection for Designated Staff (KSCB); Safe Events (CPSU)
Responsibility for recruitment Safer recruitment training Available online from NSPCC and KSCB
Everyone Additional training/CPD is recommended CPSU webinars, NGB specific (e.g. RFU Play It Safe), Coaching Children/Engaging Sessions (UKC) Club experience for Young People