Annual Highlights

2 people on bikes
2 people on bikes
2 people on bikes


Person running across a field

Kent Sport: Changing lives through sport and physical activity – We aim to improve quality of life through sport and physical activity, by working with partners to offer a wide range of sustainable opportunities to all.

Our work supports people to develop and maintain good physical and mental wellbeing, as well as providing opportunities for social development and cohesion within local communities. Being active supports young people to get the best start in life and enables older adults to feel socially included and live independently for longer.

Physical Activity Levels - April 2020

Fairly Active


Decrease of 1.4% since baseline 2015-16



Decrease of 1.0% since baseline 2015-16



Increase of 2.4% since baseline 2015-16


Children & Young People


Schools involved in the School Games programme


Young volunteers trained and used to support School Games events


Young people participated in Kent School Games Finals events

business games event

“I have shared this with YST as an example of good practice and to show them the support SGOs are having from Kent’s Active Partnership”.

Laura, School Games Organiser, Re: ‘Undertaking remote teaching safely – assessing and minimising risks’

photo of winning handball team collecting their medals at Kent School Games event

“Just wanted to say well done on all the events [School Games] you have managed here at Polo Farm. They have all run so smoothly. You are excellent to work with and makes our job so much easier. Please thank all your staff as well as I know how much it is a team effort”.

Jayne, Facility Operator

Areas of Work 2019-20

Tackling inactivity and priority areas work

School Games

DfE Young Volunteers; Satellite Clubs

Primary PE & Sport Support

Everyday Active campaign

Insight and Research inc. Active Lives
Children & Young People Survey

Club, coach, volunteer & professional development programmes (inc. mental health awareness, behaviour change, safeguarding awareness, coach and official bursaries, Project 500, Everyday Active Conference, Primary PE Conference, Governor & Headteacher briefings);

Staffing Levels 2019-20


Full-time equivalent staff


Full-time equivalent staff funded by Sport England and other external sources


Full-time equivalent staff funded by KCC

Funding 2019-20

  • £452,000 KCC funding(inc £75,000 funding for small capital grants for sport)
  • £1.082m Sport England funding(inc. £162,250 carried forward for projects and programmes from 2017-18)
  • £188,000 other external funding, grants, sponsorship and income