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The Get Active project began in 2016 when Golding Vision and Kent Sport partnered to deliver a ten-week programme establishing six new sports sessions across the four Golding Homes highest stock areas of Marden, Tovil, Park Wood and Shepway.  The initial 2016 programme ran from January to March and engaged a total of 80 participants aged 5 to 18 with an average attendance of 13 at each session. From this a 20-week programme was delivered across the same four areas from June to October 2016, introducing more sports thanks to significant funding from Golding Vision.

Following this success, Golding Vision and Kent Sport both invested to continue and improve the project in 2017.  This engaged 444 participants aged 2 to 18, with an average attendance of 12 at each session. For 2017, Social Benefit was again calculated using the HACT social value calculator.

Get Active returned for the third year running in 2018. This engaged 455 participants aged 2 to 18 with a total of 2,131 visits, with an average attendance of 12 at each session. For 2017, Social Benefit was again calculated using the HACT social value calculator.  The results revealed that £526,564 of social impact was created from the attendees participating in frequent mild exercise and attendance at youth clubs.

Working together for 2019 they continued to ensure that the sporting activities on offer were used as a tool with the ultimate aim of:
• Creating more cohesive communities
• Significantly reducing the number of disturbances, occasions of nuisance and occurrences of anti-social behaviour
• Equipping local people with the appropriate skills to offer better life chances
• Improving the local environment and creating happier, healthier places to live


As part of the Get Active programme in 2019, football, basketball and boxing sessions were run.  These were a huge success and created a real social buzz with over 25 young people turning up most weeks to try new sports.

Kenny aged 6, attended the football sessions and really impressed his coaches over the nine weeks of sessions, so much so that he has been invited to join the Charlton Athletic Football Club advanced centre in Maidstone.  The advanced centre gives boy & girls a chance to further develop as a player and open up potential pathways to play.  A CACT coach said:

Kenny has a great energy and enthusiasm for football, this is what these community sessions are all about. His energy was infectious within the group and it was great to see everyone bond and make new friends.

When asked what Kenny had enjoyed the most about the Get Active session, Kenny said:

What I enjoyed the most was improving my football skills and making new friends. I was learning how to beat a player and dribble with the ball. The sessions were loads of fun and I don’t want them to stop.

Kenny will have the opportunity to continue through the advance centre and CACT will keep track on his progress as well as putting him in contact with local football clubs. But more importantly these Get Active sessions have given the opportunity to so many young people and families to take part in an activity that they would not have been able to otherwise.