Kent Sport rated as VERY GOOD

Kent Sport has recently been rated as VERY GOOD after an external assessment as part of the Quest Scheme for County Sports Partnerships. Quest is the UK Quality Scheme for Sport and Leisure in the UK, promoting continuous improvement.

In 2018 Sport England determined that all County Sports Partnerships (CSPs) should be assessed as part of a new performance management process. All CSPs are required to be assessed on five Core Modules but can also choose three optional modules for developmental and learning purposes, which Kent Sport chose to do.

The team was assessed as VERY GOOD in seven of the eight modules with a rating of SATISFACTORY in one of the optional modules – leading to an overall rating of VERY GOOD.

This is a great outcome for the team and really deserved for the work that they undertake across the county with partners. The Assessment not only provides us with external assessment and verification of our strengths but also suggestions of areas which we can consider in order to improve – which is what the Quest scheme is all about.

Kevin Day, Kent Sport Director

Core Modules
Collaborative leadership VERY GOOD
Continuous Improvement and Learning VERY GOOD
Partnerships and brokering VERY GOOD
Team and people development VERY GOOD
Understanding place and people VERY GOOD
Optional Modules
Engaging with young people 12-19 years VERY GOOD
Engaging with disabled people & people with
long-term health conditions
Getting the inactive active SATISFACTORY