Walking is fantastic for your health and wellbeing, and there is loads of advice out there on what is the best way to use walking to get fitter and healthier. A popular approach has been to aim to walk 10,000 steps a day, using a pedometer or a health app to track your steps during the day. The national One You campaign has recently been promoting “Active 10”, an approach to walking that encourages people to incorporate three brisk 10-minute walks per day.

Michael Mosley, from the BBC’s “The Truth About…” series wanted to look at the two approaches to see which had the most beneficial impact on people’s health. The results were quite amazing. You can watch an excerpt from the programme here:

Click here to see an excerpt from the show

Click here to read the full article on BBC.co.uk

The results clearly indicated that Active 10 resulted in better health-related results than 10,000 steps. Walking briskly for short bursts of time is both more achievable and better for your health than trying to get to 10,000 steps in any way you can, which can take a very long time and takes no account of the intensity of the exercise.

So if you really want to walk towards a healthier, happy life, give Active 10 a try.

As part of Kent Sport’s #everydayactive campaign, we have mapped walking routes in the major towns around Kent and Medway, that can be used to achieve your daily Active 10. Click on the button below this article to view the walks, and why not give on a try?

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