The idea of getting more active can be intimidating. For those of us who have never been to a gym, or don’t own all the right gear to look the part, it can be easy to be put off the idea of getting fitter, especially if we don’t consider ourselves to be very sporty, or if we haven’t done any exercise for a long time.

Kent Sport’s #everydayactive campaign is all about helping people to overcome the things that can hold them back from being more active – whether these are obstacles and barriers in our lives, or just the fear of judgement or the feeling of being a fish-out-of-water.

As part of the campaign we want to bring you stories, guides and advice from all sorts of different sources, that will help and encourage you to live a more active lifestyle, and reap the benefits this can have for your everyday life.

Recently, Joe Wicks, also known as “The Body Coach”, spoke to BBC Radio 5Live about busting the myth that we all need to spend hours in the gym in order to be fitter and healthier. Have a listen to his advice below:

Click here to hear Joe Wicks’ advice

For ideas and inspiration about how to become more active in your everyday life, visit our activity inspiration page or take a look at our top tips for staying active long term.