Busy, modern lifestyles are making it hard to fit exercise into our daily routine. With many of us spending 60% of our waking hours at work there’s no better time or place to start adding activity.

Including small chunks of activity throughout the day can all add up – switching the lift for the stairs, walking to work, challenging the boss to a table tennis rally or taking part in a Midday Mile.

Workplace Challenge encourages employers to sign up and get involved, building on evidence from previous campaigns that team collaboration and peer support can be successful in getting people more active.

The 2018 Active Workplace Challenge is an eight-week initiative designed to improve mental and physical wellbeing. Running from January 8 until March 4, the message for 2018 is to ‘make every minute count’, as workplaces across Kent are encouraged to join forces and introduce bitesize chunks of physical activity before, during and after work.

Employees can visit the Workplace Challenge website and track their activity through the eight-week challenge and beyond, easily comparing activity levels to other participating individuals and organisations across Kent and nationwide.

Prizes to be won

Everyone loves a prize and we’ve got some great ones to give away throughout the 8 Week Challenge. Look out for details about all the local spot prizes on offer, from FitBit Alta’s, Instant PingPong sets, office snack boxes, country parks season tickets and much more.

Just keep active and keep logging your activity throughout the 8 weeks to be in with a chance of winning an individual spot prize. The more colleagues you encourage to take part, the more chance you have of winning a team/workplace prize.

Join the Challenge

It’s easy to get involved, just follow these steps and sign up today.

Step 1

Sign up to Workplace Challenge

Step 2

Get active – Discover great activities taking place in your local area or why not host your own activities and events in your workplace?

Step 3

Log your activity via our online tool, automatically track your activity with the Workplace Challenge app or connect to Fitbit to earn activity points for your own profile and for your workplace

Step 4

Enjoy some friendly competition – Compete against organisations from across the country and watch yourself and your workplace climb our national and local leaderboards.

Step 5

Prizes to be won – be in with a chance to win some fantastic spot prizes including Fitbit watches and tickets to attractions around the county.