Did you know that walking briskly for just 10 continuous minutes counts as exercise? It’s easier than you think to fit into your day!

“Active 10” is an app which aims to encourage people to take brisk walks of at least 10 minutes every day. A brisk 10 minute walk every day can make a difference to your health. Each 10 minute burst of exercise is known as an “Active 10”. Click here for more information on the app.

Kent Sport has developed 10 walking routes that can be enjoyed from the centre of Kent and Medway’s largest towns. Each route consists of at least one “Active 10”, and – because each one starts from a town centre – is designed to fit around your daily life: work, shopping or meeting up with friends.

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Tunbridge Wells Common loop

Total length: 1.6 miles
No. Active 10s: 2-3

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Tunbridge Wells is a charming and historic town with plenty of beautiful attractions and great shopping, cafes and restaurants in the town centre. Just a few minutes from the town centre however, the common provides the peace and quiet of extensive green space and woodland.

This Active 10 walking route is 1.6 miles long in its entirety, consisting of two to three complete Active 10s if you walk the whole route. However, feel free to walk as little or as much of the route as you feel able to.

Starting outside the main entrance to the Royal Victoria Place shopping mall on the corner of Grosvenor Road and the pedestrianised Calverley Road, head along Mount Pleasant Road towards the town hall and Assembley Hall, and turn right onto York Road. At the end of York Road, turn left, and then cross the A26 at its junction with Church Road, to enter the Lower Common. Take the footpath to your left-hand side, and then, emerging onto Castle Road, cross over and continue to follow the footpath through the woodland, emerging beside Wellington Rocks and Linden Park Cricket Club. Follow the footpath around the cricket pitch and return to the left of Wellington Rocks, crossing over the lane and following the footpath to the left of The Mount Edgecumbe. Cross Castle Road again and continue on the footpath to the left of Lower Common. Cross Church Road and the A26 again, and return down York Road towards your starting point at the Royal Victoria Place.

Why not give this Active 10 walking route a try next time you’re in Tunbridge Wells town centre? Whether its during your lunchbreak from work, or taking a break from a shopping trip, this Active 10 walking route is sure to help you move towards a healthier lifestyle.


Active 10 is part of the One You campaign, helping people move towards healthier lifestyles. In Kent, there is the One You Kent campaign. Visit www.kent.gov.uk/oneyou for more information on the campaign. To download the Active 10 app for iOS or Android, visit www.nhs.uk/active10 or search for “Active 10” in the App Store or Google Play.